Natural toothpaste tablets


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These plastic-free Ben & Anna with Fluoride Mint toothpaste tabs are ethically made with natural ingredients to brush away particles of food and plaque build-up, with a minty fresh flavour and additional fluoride to protect the tooth surfaces and prevent cavities.

The natural ingredients including baking soda, silica and yeast as well as acacia, mint plant extracts polishes the surface of your teeth to protect them from harmful bacteria and tartar. Fortified with vitamin B12 to prevent deficiency. Free from preservatives, germ inhibitors or stabilisers that typically come with wet toothpastes, this solid toothpaste is naturally effective. Team up with a soft bamboo toothbrush for the ultimate tooth polishing combination. 

To use: chew one tablet until it becomes creamy to aid remineralisation and polish with a wet, soft toothbrush for a few minutes until squeaky clean and rinse.

These zero waste toothpaste tablets are perfect for holidays or camping trips, take only what you need to save on weight, they don't count towards your liquid allowance and you'll never need to worry about leaking toothpaste in your suitcase again.